2017 Transforming Pain: Working with Depression in Emotion Focused Psychotherapy

EFT is an integrative therapy approach that brings together interventions and concepts from humanistic, experiential, gestalt, and interpersonal theory and practice to work more effectively with clients. It is recognized as an empirically supported treatment for depression. In this workshop the fundamental principles underlying emotion-focused psychotherapy (EFT) will be introduced and the role of EFT in promoting clients’ emotional processing and affect regulation will be discussed.

Case formulation using EFT principles will be introduced along with different processing markers to guide specific treatment interventions and enhance the development of the therapeutic alliance.  Working with clients to resolve negative life experiences and develop positive ways of being with self and other is an essential to the healing process.  Working with clients’ to change negative relationships with self, using two chair tasks and facilitate the development of greater differentiation, autonomy and self-assertion using empty chair tasks will be highlighted.

Participants will learn how EFT therapists attune to clients’ emotional experience moment to moment in the session using verbal and non-verbal markers of clients’ cognitive-affective states.  This information is useful to guide clinicians in their choice of interventions and ways of working with clients’ experiencing depression. Specific interventions and ways of working with clients’ emotional pain will be reviewed and illustrated with case vignettes.  EFT and its application to depression and GAD will be considered. The concepts will be illustrated with video material and participants will have the opportunity to practice some of the techniques in small groups.

Jeanne Watson Ph.D. is one of the primary developers of Emotion Focused Psychotherapy.  Dr. Watson is a Professor in the Department of Applied Psychology & Human Development at OISE, University of Toronto. Dr. Watson has conducts research on EFT in the treatment of depression and has recently published a book of EFT for Generalized Anxiety with Dr. Les Greenberg. A member of the Board of Directors of the International Society for Emotion Focused Psychotherapy, Dr. Watson is highly involved in the training, research, and ongoing development of EFT and travels internationally doing presentations and workshops.

2018 Keynote Speaker

Tony Rousmaniere
Tony Rousmaniere

Tony Rousmaniere is Clinical Faculty at the University of Washington and has a private practice in Seattle.  He is the author/editor of Deliberate Practice for PsychotherapistsThe Cycle of Excellence: Using Deliberate Practice to Improve Supervision and Training, and Using Technology to Enhance Counseling Training and Supervision: A Practical Handbook.  In 2017 Dr. Rousmaniere published an article in The Atlantic Monthly (“What your therapist doesn’t know).  Dr. Rousmaniere provides advanced clinical training and supervision to clinicians in the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, and Australia.  He was previously Associate Director of Counseling and Director of Training at the University of Alaska Fairbanks Student Health and Counseling Association.  More about Dr. Rousmaniere can be found at www.drtonyr.com