Deliberate Practice for Psychotherapists

Dr. Tony Rousmaniere, author of Deliberate Practice for Psychotherapists, believes that therapists have the ability to dramatically improve their clinical effectiveness.  Improving, however, requires more than simply practicing psychotherapy; it requires effortful practice within a psychotherapy practice. This workshop will help clinicians engage in deliberate practice to improve clinical effectiveness across the career span, from beginning training for graduate students to continuing education for licensed clinicians.

At the end of this workshop, attendees will be able to:

1. Describe four processes in deliberate practice.

2. Describe a model for using deliberate practice for clinical training.

3. List three benefits of deliberate practice for clinical training.

4. Describe how deliberate practice is different than traditional clinical training.

5. List two methods for evaluating the effectiveness of deliberate practice.

2018 Keynote Speaker

Tony Rousmaniere
Tony Rousmaniere

Tony Rousmaniere is Clinical Faculty at the University of Washington and has a private practice in Seattle.  He is the author/editor of Deliberate Practice for PsychotherapistsThe Cycle of Excellence: Using Deliberate Practice to Improve Supervision and Training, and Using Technology to Enhance Counseling Training and Supervision: A Practical Handbook.  In 2017 Dr. Rousmaniere published an article in The Atlantic Monthly (“What your therapist doesn’t know).  Dr. Rousmaniere provides advanced clinical training and supervision to clinicians in the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, and Australia.  He was previously Associate Director of Counseling and Director of Training at the University of Alaska Fairbanks Student Health and Counseling Association.  More about Dr. Rousmaniere can be found at